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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Artist Workshop, et cetera.

Workshops, social networking and information resource, or financial opportunity hidden beneath a veil? Workshops are given for all sorts of reasons, but I am particularly discussing those within the arts. For example a workshop was given on encaustic in Chicago by R&F Paints: I would have gone, and most likely enjoyed it, but unfortunately my career choice does not allow for me to spend money; need I say- starving artist.

As informative and wonderful, workshops might be- they seem often only open to the financially sound artist. Sure, I'm not saying that you won't be getting your monies worth, just that how can you expect to get a diverse group of individuals together without considering the diversity of your public; including financial diversity- which often includes underrepresented individuals of all kind? How can you get into these workshops, groups, organizations, etcetera- that would propagate social networking, particularly when you don't have financial stability? Are some of these places just ruses to financially benefit themselves?
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