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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art Materials (Encaustic)

I wanted to take a moment and mention R&F's relatively new 40 ml blocks of encaustic paint. Compared to their 140 ml and 333 ml the price sometimes seems more accessible; however, don't be fooled- like most things in life bulk costs less.

Regardless of the price, the smaller blocks can be helpful- especially if you only use a specific color every once in a blue moon. For example, I have had the same lump of red for about seven or eight years, if only they had these darn things then. Well they have them now, so if your not sure about a color buy small; however, if you are sure buy bulk. I just hope this isn't going to lead to higher costs in pre-made encaustic paint; if so, there is always making ones own.

Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Parks

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Materials (Sanding)

Hey Readers,

Sand paper, emery cloth, sanding sponge, mica, silica, which one-what one. Sand paper is a pretty familiar item, but there is more than meets the eye. First, standard sandpaper (I don't even know why they still make it), basically what you call it- sand on paper; but, don't get fooled- they often call the other stuff sandpaper too.

So, to make this easy- buy the emery cloth, or sand wet, or typically the black sandpaper. Emery and the black stuff are recommended; but with caution (the black stuff can kinda stain when you use it wet). Emery cloth is just like it sounds- something on cloth-- a.k.a. the black stuff on a tough cloth material- it simply lasts longer.

Additionally, there are sanding sponges: I love these things- different grits, easy to hold, last (as long as you sand away from corner and areas that would otherwise tear the sponge), and you can wash them off.

I'll update this with brands and whatever else comes to mind a bit later.
So thanks for reading,
Jonathan Parks

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art Materials (Sakura: Pigma Micron Pens)

Hello Readers,

Pigma Micron Pens made by Sakura- ultra-fine point to brush-like. These things have been in my entourage of drawing materials for as long as I can remember. With years of use I have personally witnessed the effects of time with them, and I have to say: are my most used and favorite materials. I particularly lean towards the ultra fine point ones over the brush like pens because I have found the brush points have a streaky look when areas are colored in; not to say that the fine ones don't- just that they are less noticeable.

Well, if you haven't used them, then buy one. And a couple of friendly tips: the points bend easy (they don't need a lot of pressure to draw a line) and don't write over white-out or waxy like surfaces because it can and most likely will clog it permanently.

As always- thanks for reading
Jonathan Parks

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Materials (Alvin Art Envelope)

Hello Reader,

Last time it was Bainbidge Pre-Cut Museum Mats; which brings me to this round- the Alvin Art Envelope. Clear quality presentation, I specifically use this product for those aforementioned mats.

This envelope keeps artwork clean and protected without framing; but, don't buy it if your looking for something that is airtight or completely seals. However, do keep in mind that a flap (typically on the short side) folds under. And it fits perfectly for those things made for the size indicated; just a little bigger to hold that specific size.

Thanks for reading
Jonathan Parks
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