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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Materials (Sanding)

Hey Readers,

Sand paper, emery cloth, sanding sponge, mica, silica, which one-what one. Sand paper is a pretty familiar item, but there is more than meets the eye. First, standard sandpaper (I don't even know why they still make it), basically what you call it- sand on paper; but, don't get fooled- they often call the other stuff sandpaper too.

So, to make this easy- buy the emery cloth, or sand wet, or typically the black sandpaper. Emery and the black stuff are recommended; but with caution (the black stuff can kinda stain when you use it wet). Emery cloth is just like it sounds- something on cloth-- a.k.a. the black stuff on a tough cloth material- it simply lasts longer.

Additionally, there are sanding sponges: I love these things- different grits, easy to hold, last (as long as you sand away from corner and areas that would otherwise tear the sponge), and you can wash them off.

I'll update this with brands and whatever else comes to mind a bit later.
So thanks for reading,
Jonathan Parks

1 comment:

ParksArtworks said...

I forgot to add: Norton is a good brand.

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