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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art Materials (Sakura: Pigma Micron Pens)

Hello Readers,

Pigma Micron Pens made by Sakura- ultra-fine point to brush-like. These things have been in my entourage of drawing materials for as long as I can remember. With years of use I have personally witnessed the effects of time with them, and I have to say: are my most used and favorite materials. I particularly lean towards the ultra fine point ones over the brush like pens because I have found the brush points have a streaky look when areas are colored in; not to say that the fine ones don't- just that they are less noticeable.

Well, if you haven't used them, then buy one. And a couple of friendly tips: the points bend easy (they don't need a lot of pressure to draw a line) and don't write over white-out or waxy like surfaces because it can and most likely will clog it permanently.

As always- thanks for reading
Jonathan Parks

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