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Monday, May 30, 2011

Americorps Exhibition at VSA N4th Art Center

Hey folks,

I have been a little busy co-curating an upcoming exhibit dedicated to all the hard working Americorps at VSA N4th Art Center. Exhibition details can be seen on the postcard to your right and below.

It has, from what I understand, been a tradition to offer an exhibition to those artists who come to work and teach their talents; offering their skills through N4th's programs. Such talents range from theatre, music, visual arts, and more- they all are more than grateful for this opportunity to display their artistry. So...

Come out and support those who have dedicated their time, energy, and talents; opening reception is June 3rd from 5 pm. to 7 pm. at:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Support Some Good Folk

Hello All,

I wanted to divert from typical posts and throw out some support for friends, family, and just a couple of random things I just happen to like.

I would like to start with music, and with music, it is easier to listen than read; so I will keep it brief. The Albuquerque Boys Choir (ABQBC), a a'cappella, acoustic, folk band; two ladies I had the pleasure of working with my first year as Americorps; sound pretty good and not to mention, friends:)

ABQBC has this thing at there house every once and again that they call, "Communion," where a bunch folks get together and play music and such and have a good old time. Anyhoo, those little shindigs led me to mention, The Good Ship S.S. Perry, good luck in NYC. Which all led me to Bandcamp a website for musicians- where I found lots of stuff to listen to while making art, like  Lemelo (cool to be the first from NM to buy:), Jeans Boots, and many other great bands (that I don't personally know but like their music).  Point being support friends and small bands and stuff alike, cus well I'm a small, (uh- artist) myself.

Speaking of artists, a little reminder, Allyson Packer, and also check out another friend, lamagnolia. Easier to see than me write; but they are worth a looksy.

I don't want to forget my sister sells stuff, so check out hurricanehetta. Stuff she makes, stuff she finds, stuff that's vintage, stuff that's a good price.

Also if you know me, or- eruh- I guess don't know me, shoot me a link of similar subjects and I will post it (as long as it is not to objectionable).

Thanks for reading, and looking, and supporting, and well anything else

*ABQBC photo credit Eric Parthum
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