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Monday, May 9, 2011

Support Some Good Folk

Hello All,

I wanted to divert from typical posts and throw out some support for friends, family, and just a couple of random things I just happen to like.

I would like to start with music, and with music, it is easier to listen than read; so I will keep it brief. The Albuquerque Boys Choir (ABQBC), a a'cappella, acoustic, folk band; two ladies I had the pleasure of working with my first year as Americorps; sound pretty good and not to mention, friends:)

ABQBC has this thing at there house every once and again that they call, "Communion," where a bunch folks get together and play music and such and have a good old time. Anyhoo, those little shindigs led me to mention, The Good Ship S.S. Perry, good luck in NYC. Which all led me to Bandcamp a website for musicians- where I found lots of stuff to listen to while making art, like  Lemelo (cool to be the first from NM to buy:), Jeans Boots, and many other great bands (that I don't personally know but like their music).  Point being support friends and small bands and stuff alike, cus well I'm a small, (uh- artist) myself.

Speaking of artists, a little reminder, Allyson Packer, and also check out another friend, lamagnolia. Easier to see than me write; but they are worth a looksy.

I don't want to forget my sister sells stuff, so check out hurricanehetta. Stuff she makes, stuff she finds, stuff that's vintage, stuff that's a good price.

Also if you know me, or- eruh- I guess don't know me, shoot me a link of similar subjects and I will post it (as long as it is not to objectionable).

Thanks for reading, and looking, and supporting, and well anything else

*ABQBC photo credit Eric Parthum

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