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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Current Encaustic Project

Path | 1 x 168 in.
A glimpse of my current piece, encaustic and wood. This project is intended as sort of an installation, titled, "path," it is one of several in a series of pieces on the topic of land. It is building on the idea of the trail, a confined pathway that is natural and unnatural. The piece is intended to cut through a space much like a pathway or trail cuts through , meandering, conforming to it's environment. The piece is to be suspended and pictured here as a work in progress, temporarily installed in the artist studio floor.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Current Happening

Recently I had the pleasure of designing this ad... as well as photographing the art- which was used in the header design, within the ad, and on Ghost Ranch's website.

Opening Reception: Saturday August 27, 2011, 2-4 pm
@ Ghost Ranch Piedra Lumbre Education and Visitor Center

The Illusion of Colors, featuring a variety of bright energetic colors as creative expressions by artists who participate in the VSA Day Arts Program at North Fourth Art Center. In their varied and artistic ways, the artists interpret and celebrate different hues and ranges of color in the art of quilt making, unique ceramics and mixed media painting. Color has a great effect on us all, both emotionally and physically, and the artworks presented encourage interaction and discussion.

"We believe that art is to be shared, to be given and received with appreciation, respect and awareness. The red and yellow cliffs of Piedra Lumbre makes a magnificent backdrop for our artists' colorful work," said Lina Jabra, Community Development Director.

The goal of the exhibit is to highlight the artistic achievements of individuals with disabilities and provide opportunities to exhibit and sell their artwork statewide. Currently a portion of the sale of each work goes to support the Ghost Ranch Piedra Lumbre Education programs with the remaining portion going directly to the VSA artists.

The visitor center is located on US Highway 84 between mile marker 225 & 226, just north of the main Ghost Ranch entrance. For more information and hours of operation
please call (505) 685-4312 or visit
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