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Friday, October 10, 2014

Here are some marks for you

Another draft of writing without posting, but HA! no, not this time. It occurred to me that maybe I should make a series of articles, unfinished works or discarded drafts, but that's something else. I figured, why not just post it, it is what it is. So here it is.

A thought boroughs unlike no other tangible thing. A thought digs beneath what is impenetrable, it's like a seed preparing for it's cataclysmic coming. Some months ago when I started working in sketchbooks, like a seed ready to grow, into what. This has been a strong turn to move towards. Towards what. The thought is still digging ever so deep, but I finally came to wanting to share more without thinking on what to write about. 

"I can not accept that there is no mark to communicate the way I feel for you." As overtly hackneyed this seems in some way as a few have. I made it anyway. Text as a mark has it's own meaning, yet this in particular is what steered me to share, even though it's meaning is unrelated. I suppose it's about trying, to not stop trying, because once you stop, you stop. That as well in some way, sounds kind of typical; however, some things are individual to a single person, so perhaps to simply explain instead of just doing, is why the thought becomes cliche- if that makes sense. But I like it and the slight cliche feel. With words, in part, writing something that anyone could hold or say is like a mark being made over and over, but it holds something personal or special like a person's name. Marks by themselves, and perhaps words too, they are ||\\||//|=|/.

Here are some marks for you. (Read more below)

made by soaking through

brushing on doesn't seem as genuine as a writing instrument

one of the first words as marks, i like the glow the red puts off when seen in person
(i also wrote a whole unpublished article on this one)

gold-leafed glue mark, I think this could be an entire separate focus

thinking about writing

thinking about the weight mark has outwardly and inwardly

letter as shape as letter

shape as letter as shape


is it more a mark if less is thought

first color, and mark as form

making a mark as a gift for someone special was a challenge of it's own

over two hundred and fifty marks in a little over a square inch, not the most marks i made on one page but an idea of how many actions it takes to fill such a small area.

I wanted to share more, like names as marks, but I felt sharing someone's name was extremely personal, not necessarily for myself, but for the person who's name was written, and even when many names are not particular to any individual. When writing someones name for the sake of writing their name, it is a strange feeling, that it is them, also I am filled with the need to give it to them. Maybe it is one reason it feels so special to receive (and give) handwritten letters from people you know and care for.

Part of what I was doing before I started making marks, was the idea of art as social change, but without needing to piggyback on another cause. I never really knew to place that idea out their, perhaps because the strength of an idea, a thought, the influence words alone have, is tremendous. But a bigger part is making art for you... perhaps in a way it is related to art as social change. 

I wish I had the words to share, I want to show you, I want you to see it, how special you are to me.

this mark is for you

Thank YOU for reading

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