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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art Materials (Encaustic)

I wanted to take a moment and mention R&F's relatively new 40 ml blocks of encaustic paint. Compared to their 140 ml and 333 ml the price sometimes seems more accessible; however, don't be fooled- like most things in life bulk costs less.

Regardless of the price, the smaller blocks can be helpful- especially if you only use a specific color every once in a blue moon. For example, I have had the same lump of red for about seven or eight years, if only they had these darn things then. Well they have them now, so if your not sure about a color buy small; however, if you are sure buy bulk. I just hope this isn't going to lead to higher costs in pre-made encaustic paint; if so, there is always making ones own.

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Jonathan Parks

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