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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Materials (R&F Handmade Paints, "Encaustic Compatible")

Encaustic Compatible  (DUH!:)
Hello All,

R&F, what can I say? If you have any experience or interest in encaustic, two to one, you are or will become aware of them.  Pretty much the source for encaustic, but they also make some pretty sweet oil like bar- pigment sticks, supplier of tools, advice, and whatnots.  Aside from what might seem to be or easily could be a encaustic monopoly, R&F is a bevy of information packed into a decent supplier of what you need to tackle this medium.

Choosing a medium to best express yourself and your work is hard enough, then you have to figure out what brand and everything else that goes along with these two things.  R&F has around eighty colors in 104 and 333 milliliter blocks.  As with most paints that have colors in series which differ in price, R&F's encaustics are also priced according to pigments.  Needless to say if you are an artist on a budget, you can always stick to those less expensive colors.  If you need additives such as damar, caranuba, or more beeswax you can get those too; which is great if you want to make your own paint.

As for their pigment sticks, these are great to use by themselves or in combination with encaustic (Click here for tips on pigment sticks).  The difference in R&F's pigment sticks and other oil bars like Sennelier is that they have a higher pigment concentration and less fillers.  Not that I find anything wrong with Sennelier, they are simply different.

If I have any complaints about R&F they are very minuscule, like most places there is an occasional product that seems overpriced, but that it is all made up with service and quality of their products. 

As always, Thanks for Reading (Next time Hot Cakes)
Jonathan Parks

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