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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am I an American Artist

This is a question of cultural consideration and requires an understanding of what makes an American artist. Is this an ideology perceived from each individual artist or part of a conglomerate of the so called American.

Those who commented: If I am an American and an artist, therefore, I must be an American artist. Well, the devil is in the details. I suppose I should also ask if I can be culturally identified as American through my work as an artist; assuming American is a culture.

Statistically speaking, I am American, family of various cultures and nationalities long since forgotten. Considering what makes an artist American, statistics are not particularly my concern, nor do I think they should be. Perhaps I have complicated the question and/or maybe it is not up to me. Does the American artist create political, patriotic, opinionated, or nationalistic works.

I do not sway either way, patriotic or not. I do not create nationalistic works. My art is not imbued with apparent political substance. I have opinions, but who doesn’t, and they are not stereotypically, American. So, what makes my art American. Freedom to not paint the aforesaid. Subjectively instilling my art with images of flora and fauna from the North American Continent.

I have more on this subject, however, I would like to see if it gets any type response before I further elaborate.


Jonathan David Parks said...

Deatra Parks said:
Geeeee, what do I say... you are unfortunately an American, and yes- you are an artist. Or does it mean you paint Americana; like flags.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're from America. So that makes you American. You're an artist. So that makes you
American artist.


Heather Snyder
Chicago, Illinois USA
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