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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Materials (Sketch Book Finale: Lanaquarella, Encaustic Compatible)

"Encaustic Compatible"
Hello all,

My finale in sketch books will be in making your own, and in making your own you will need quality paper. It would take forever to delve into the many intricacies of book making and paper, so instead I present a quick synopsis. In binding you can not lose with the traditional Japanese stab binding. And depending on your technique and/or medium, your choice in paper changes.  When it comes to making a good sketch book I believe you can not lose with watercolor paper.  Watercolor paper can be very different when it comes to brands, weights, or types and offers the ability of various mediums from gouache to pencil.  If you only use pencil and maybe very light painting you can easily get away with a lower weight paper, 140 lb (300 gsm), but, if you can't stand the warping, wrinkling, and indentations that are accustomed to lighter paper, I would recommend 300 lb (640 gsm) paper.  This finally brings me to Lana, a top pick for paper, sure other companies make great paper (Fabriano, Arches, Strathmore, etc.), but we all have our favorites and Lana is is one of mine.

So give Lana a try, I don't believe you will be disappointed.
For info on paper suitable for encaustic go to Watercolor Paper

Always, Thank you for reading,
Jonathan Parks

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