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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Encaustic: What's Next?

I started working with encaustic a decade ago, drawn to it's sculptural qualities as a painting medium. (Image- one of the first encaustic painting that I had ever painted: Untitled 10" x 10" 2002.)  I set up the Encaustic Resource Pages to provide basic to advanced tutorials and information, plus supplemental info., such as where to purchase supplies. Now... the next step is up for suggestion.

Beyond the information out there that wasn't out there just a few years ago, the more recent information, personal blogs, websites, YouTube videos, instructional DVDs- all rely mostly in suggestions and personal technique. I myself suggest using one tool over another, say one is better suited. I can give you information on temperatures, substrates, brands, or safety precautions. And, I have given much of this, this kind/sort/type of information on those resource pages. However, I would like to offer more, but it is clear to me that this is quite difficult to do or to decide upon not knowing the express needs of the individual. I could further the site with more photographs or videos of step by step visual instruction on a topic. As visual artists there is no harm in offering more visual aids. Knowing, sometimes it is easier to see how, than to be told how.

So what is next for my Encaustic Resource Pages, particularly Tools and Techniques in encaustic (outside of video/image tutorials), is there something drastically missing? Is there something you are looking for that isn't there? Perhaps a full fledged website would be nice (no money for that right). Better navigation never hurts. A collection of works from artist who use wax or encaustic as a medium would be cool. This is all open to suggestion- even if you don't work in encaustic.

Personally I will be trying to keep up by posting news on what I am personally doing art wise, including encaustic- primarily in a sculptural realm. So stay tuned, comment, ask question, and/or wait.

As always, thank you for reading,

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