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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pronghorn in New Mexico

I recently went up to Santa Fe from ABQ with the chance to see some pronghorn. Being from Indiana originally, and seeing them for the first time, and wild, I was really excited to say the least. It also got me to thinking, I need to start posting again, even if my time is limited with trying to find work. Anyway, I thought this was a good way to get back at it, and maybe touch on something that has been bugging me with photography. 

What's bugging me? I will tell you. I can't afford thirty grand for a camera setup even though I know I have the skill to make good use of..., no, great use, great use of such equipment. Almost anyone can go buy that equipment if they have the money, press a button, and whahlah, get a great image. But there is still artistry in photography, even if it has become kinda automatic, that you can't press a button for. I own a lot of cameras, most good old fashion 35mm manual cameras, like the Nikon F2, or Olympus OM1, but film is expensive, thus digital comes in. I don't own a DSLR, and it was only recent that I had a point and shoot. But finally I stepped up and bought this half point and shoot, half DSLR, and I have been pretty happy with the results. Not to make this a review about cameras, my point being is, you do not need a DSLR to get great pictures, they are over-rated in some respect. You actually might get some good experience by having to work at getting a picture. 

Back to the pronghorn, I could have used a telephoto lens if I had one, only, all I had was the built in optical zoom. All that didn't matter though, my pictures aren't as great as if I would have had professional setup, but what I got was much better. Over a hundred yards away and with a tripod I worked twice as hard to get what I got than anyone would have with a big fancy camera. You will be much more satisfied with your work when you have to work for it. 

Pronghorn are pretty awesome, they were well worth the effort. 

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