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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Materials (More on Pigments; Encaustic Compatible)

More on Pigments
"Encaustic Compatible"

Last week I talked about Sennelier pigments; however, Sennelier is not the only company to make quality pigments. In Sennelier's case, I simply have a personal preference, because I use their soft pastels as well as many of their other products. Almost any well known paint company will offer a line of their own pigments: Old Holland, Gamblin, Sinopia, are just to name a few (View a link list of companies that provide pigments at the bottom of this post). The key to combining any art material with another, well...., it helps to stay within the same brand. This is not to say combining two different companies products will create a lot of problems, just that often minor issues may occur. One example of a minor issue is in the case of color reaction; simply put, blue and yellow typically make green, but depending on what brand, the chemical makeup of combining different companies blues and yellows will give you a whole different range of greens. This is particularly the case when combining three or more colors; and more importantly in encaustic, where combining many colors (often as few as three) will give you this funny purplish muddled grey color.

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