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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art Materials (Arrow Professional Fastening)

Hello Reader,

Getting back to featuring Art Materials with a staple gun. If you will, or have built your own support, canvas or doohickey, chances are this product will become a major factor.  A good staple gun can go a long way and it matters what you buy; read further to learn more.

I have used Arrow's products for a long time and it was one of the first tools that I had ever purchased. I even got in a little trouble for telling a professor how to use it (and yes the person was using it wrong). The reason I like Arrow is it's durability and all metal construction; you can also buy replacement parts. Its not that other brands are bad or anything- I just know for a fact that this one will last.

Oh, and this is the tip that got me in trouble: To get proper insertion of the staple every time, slightly tilt the staple guns forward lifting the back end just a little off the surface, putting pressure on the front where the staple exits. If you still get throw back and a slightly raised staple, use your other hand to put more pressure on the head/front by placing your palm on the top, towards the head of the the staple gun.

Thanks for reading and have fun stapling
Jonathan Parks

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