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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glass Landscape

There is this most ridiculous of places to leave a person in wonderment. Situated far to close to the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, NM- in what should be prime riparian habitat; yet I can not help but accept it's presence.

Environmental blight or spectacular dreamscape, this dumpsite which was repeatedly burned to remove waste has left behind a glittering landscape to behold. I realize what harm such a place held and holds on the environment; particularly so close to the river. However, as an artist I like to see the potential in what has already come to be. Some say leave it be, some sort of beautiful place everyone should visit. Some go rake and bucket in hand to seek out their treasures. Some would demand the clean-up of what could easily be labeled- environmental hazard; return what was made wrong and make it right again.

I can see where most rational opinions can have a place. As someone who cares dearly for the natural world I wish such things would not be. Treating this place as some sort of historic site or preserving it's place in the world seems a bit much in my opinion. People learn from their own and their predecessors mistakes; accepting what is and finding something new and good in it all- also is where I stand. However, I don't think someone should visit digging with a rake or shovel for that special find; only to stir it about- health hazards I imagine abound. I expect mercury and lead amongst the black dust and glass. Remnants of pasts lives, mostly broken (lol, the glass- not necessarily their lives), some not broken, some melted, ceramic shards, and occasional pieces of metal. Bottles may still even have their caps- joking if you are to open one of those scarcities you may unleash the plague, but unlikely.

I can imagine there are places like this all over the world; but, this is almost in my backyard. The leftovers of decades of seemingly endless glass- left behind when all else has smoltered away by ignorance. Have to say you need to see the beauty in it and move past to something better- like melted lightbulbs :)

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