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Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Materials (Japanese Pull Style Saws)

As an artist and a woodworker I've always found a Japanese pull style saw to be one of the most beneficial tools to have around the workshop or studio.

A saw designed on a pull stroke instead of the western design to push in order to cut- it is used where accuracy and control are key to great craftsmanship. The pull design allows for a very fine kerf (the width of a cut) than it's push alternative that has a thicker blade that resists bending or kinking when pushed.

Additionally a blade can be purchased, less strain on the wallet when it comes to replacement, and why buy a handle if you dont need to. Any downsides to the design may be how easy it is to knock of a tooth or two if and when care is not taken. All in all, far worth the cost and recommended over the alternative for those looking for a great saw. 

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