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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Art Materials (Evans Encaustics, "Encaustic Compatible")

Encaustic Compatible

Hello encaustic friends and interested parties,

How many encaustic makers/companies are out there? Small ones, big ones, artists trying to earn a few extra bucks making paint? If you live more east coast you might be more inclined to order from R&F, but if you're living westward there is a closer option. I came across Evans Encaustics a few-or-so years back and liked this small company (I like small companies). Anyway, give them a whirl; I particularly like the bisque gray color. They also have a nice looking website.

Thank you for reading
Jonathan Parks


Hurricane Hetta said...

Can these be made into lip glosses?

Jonathan David Parks said...


From what I understand- lip gloss IS wax based; however, the thought of putting molten wax made with cadmium or cobalt among other strange and odd minerals or chemicals- then fusing it at hundreds of degrees.... might, make you rethink this attempt on your lips.

So sorry sister heather.

Hurricane Hetta said...

Oh come on! I need something permanent!

Jonathan David Parks said...

Hetta, might I suggest Makeup forever's palette for eyes, lips and cheeks,Thanks to Sonya's post: Hands-on at sold at Sephora

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