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Monday, April 12, 2010

Art Materials (Reuse) "Encaustic Compatible and Noted"

Encaustic Compatible and Noted

I recently made a post titled, "STUFF," and spoke about the things that I will be reusing. Stuff is important to many artist; and if you make mixed media art, you know what I am talking about.  Reuse speaks for itself and there isn't much to add (Read, STUFF).If you work with encaustic- embedding is one thing that comes to mind (Read, Encaustic Resource Pages: Collage and Embedding under Tools and Technique).

Artists also reuse material by making Found Object, Construction, Assemblage, Recycled, Upcycle, types of work.  Whatever you call it, it helps to keep STUFF out of our ecosystem and the strain off overworked recycling facilities.

My personal art tends to have reused material in it quite often. I choose to hide the fact that it may be one mans trash; reusing these treasures in a way that serves my concept without looking like the obvious.

Here are a couple of reuse tips: Use old picture frames. A pencil is more than a writing instrument- dowel rod anyone. Scraps of paper can turn translucent in wax- encasutic is great to embed anything from wooden sticks to paper bits.

Thank you for reading,
Jonathan Parks

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