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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22th- How does your art impact the environment?

I am an artist and naturalist, I struggle to find the path to environmentally safe art.  Practically every medium has its environmental downfalls; choosing one medium over the other seems pointless to some degree when considering these concerns.  There are ways to lessen the impact; however, these often require financial means that are out of reach for many artists. So, what to do? The next few posts I will be focusing on this conundrum while talking a little about my own work.

Tune in and Thank you for reading
Jonathan Parks


Hurricane Hetta said...

My earth day dance is integral. Typically, on earth day I dance in circles about a tree and finish the piece with an hour-long hug. Believe me, it's not easy -- particularly when people keep stopping to stare and point and say mean things.

Jonathan David Parks said...

Heather, how would you say your performance art impacts Chicago's environment?

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