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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art Materials (Model Kits?)

Not just for glueing and painting, then playing with or staring at; all though, I will be making something that will be stare at. Technically this is a Japanese toy model kit from the 1980's; leaving me to title this post the obvious: "Model Kits?;" honestly, I don't know what to title it. Not to say anything bad, but I'm not a model kit kind of person. So the strangeness that I find in this may only be in the fact that I lack model kit knowledge. All of my memory of such things were of airplanes, cars, and alike; not necessarily people. The reason I bought it (from a thrift store) was for a art project; and a art project it will be.

Working mostly with encaustic I am likely going to cast them or dip them in wax. Concerning me with how the plastic and glue will react to massive amounts of heat (somewhat avoidable heat); maybe a good reason just to build it and cast it. I like the fact that they are flesh tone and not some other nondescript color of plastic such as grey. If I decide to dip them I may just use a clear coat of medium to retain some of that fleshy plastic look; who knows.

With literally hundreds of ways of using such things in your artwork the possibilities are endless. And if anyone has any ideas they would like to share, please do so; particularly if you use such things already. My problem is only in that I don't want to open it now because I found similiar kits selling online anywhere from $65 to $100; yikes! Well, if anything- maybe I sparked some ideas for you. I am looking forward to posting more on what I end up doing with it.

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