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Monday, March 21, 2011

Art Materials (Stuff #3)


What the heck am I going to do with this? We all seem to buy things now and again that we just like for some reason or another; yet, when we get it home we ask ourselves and wonder why?

I do this all the time when it comes to art supplies; however, I feel that there is a little more flexibility in art stuff. Reason being: if you can make something out of it or use it (e.g. paint, pencil, etc.) then it WILL get used- eventually. The problem for me is when it comes to storing it all.

Reasons may have been there when buying in the beginning, but went out the window later. These opaque glass pieces were to be part of a kaleidoscope project, but now that the project is a bust I will have to repurpose them. I wondered how they might be used in an encaustic work. I am sure it will come to me eventually.

Also, when buy buying oddities from here and there it's easy to be fooled. I am always on the lookout for wood- thought that when I bought this parellel piece of, 'not so sure what.' I think it's bakelite or very hard rubber; and now I am unsure what to do- oh well.

Even if you are not sure at the time what to do with something (lol, err- or what it is), you bought it because you liked it; no worries, you will find a use- even if it's giving it away to someone with that same feeling. Maybe they will have better luck, or not :)

Wood is super versatile, bottles you can put things in, tiny rubber people are just fun, and every thing in between. Don't worry to much, especially when the price is right; everything here was less than $4.00 :)

Thanks for reading, Jonathan

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