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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Art Materials (Stuff #2)

Hello Reader,

This is a continuation of sorts from the original Art Materials (Stuff), I again visited Laura Stanziola's place just outside Santa fe; a lot less stressful the second time around. Oh, and I was still able to leave with a bag full of oddities; even with a budget.

If you missed the first post on, Art Materials (Stuff)  don't forget to take a look; also check out Art Materials Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

One of the many abundant things you can find for creating your art, are images cut from old books. Don't worry, from what I understand these books have moved past there life as a book and have found new value.

Many images are very old and you practically get a genuine print. You can sort through hundreds of images organized in bins of animals, the human body, etcetera. Each is sealed and labeled in a plastic sleeve that can be removed later; as well as some organized into small bags of similar images (LOL, It helps to look at what's in the bag first). The trick is not to go looking for anything specific, at Stanziola's or anywhere for that matter, rather go looking with an open mind and seek out your general interests.

Also (like I said) it doesn't hurt to look in the bag first. The little man labeled Fig. 1. was on top- and what I wanted; however, later by surprise I remembered that I had not looked at it's full content, and ended up with an interesting combo.
To conclude: a word of caution when using images from books: always be sure of copyright protections, there are many ways to use imagery that are both copyrighted and not. So, remember- instead of passing by old books that seem to be missing half there text block or completely irreparable or otherwise trash- take a look and reuse what you can before discarding. And next time I hope to post Art Materials (Stuff 3)

Thanks for reading,

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