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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art Materials (Stuff #4)

What is practical in art supplies? Uhhhh, I mean you know what it is used for, and that 'is', what it will be used for, instead of not knowing like before.

Brushes, rulers, tools, paint, glue, pigment, sandpaper, wood, whatever it is, you know how you are going to use it. Like this self inking number stamper used in the mailing industry, I will now be using it to number my prints; up 999,999 of them. Ok, I am probably not going to make 999,999 of anything, but it's nice to have the ability. A super handy purchase and picked up in a thrift store for just a few bucks; what I like the most is a trigger on the back-side that will advance it by an addition of one. It does need to be cleaned and a archival ink used, but it's worth it.

Practicality I reckon is in a item's usefulness; really it is all in how you look at things. Take for instance this print of knots; the practicality is in it's information; not in the physical use. But if you have no use for, say shards of glass, then practicality is individualized.

I personally like to think there is some practical use in things that give you inspiration; inspiration that drives one to create.


Art instruction DVDs said...

This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Interesting content as well! I like it!...Daniel

ParksArtworks said...

Thank you Daniel, I appreciate the comments and feedback- they are always welcome. My posting is pretty random these days, so check back. Thanks again!

Bio said...

Hey, I still have that print of knots you gave me last year. I love it. it's hanging up in my studio and I kind of forgot about this, but it inspired me to make this video a few months ago:

ParksArtworks said...

Great video! :)

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